The Joys of Parenting

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I would say that most days I enjoy parenting. I love my daughter so much more than I could ever express in words. Some days she’s hilarious and makes me laugh like crazy. Other days she makes me want to pull my hair out. She is such a little explorer/ mad scientist/ couture baby princess/ you name it.























Today has been one of those comic strip kind of days… you know the ones you see in the sunday paper with the mom holding a naked baby while standing a a puddle of what is presumably pee. Yes. My dear daughter has learned how too take off her diaper. While I was on the phone with the bank she decided it was a good time to take off her diaper, pee on our tile floor, and then smear it all over. I unknowingly stepped in in trying to catch my nakey baby… luckily she is a slow walker. Well I strapped a diaper back on her and grabbed a towel only to come back to her out of her diaper again and peeing in a different spot… how does she even have that much in her?!?! But this time she decided to sit in it :/ so now she needs a shower and an outfit that is impossible to get out of… those sleepers just wont do. A onesie, a pair of leggings, and possibly some boots might do the trick… I hope.











Not all days are like this. Today I’m a little slower than usual because I seem to have caught some kind of chest cold. I’m hoping Arabella doesn’t have it. She’s been coughing but I’m hoping she’s just mimicking me because she thinks it’s funny to do. She does that a lot these days in-between beeping my nose and trying to lick my cheek (What is up with this kid). Are all kids this weird ;)












We had her 9 month check up on Friday. She’s a healthy little girl. Only 16lbs and 10 oz. She has 6 teeth and still enjoys eating sweet potatos. Most days she’s just her silly self dancing and chatting it up. She loves clapping her hands and “singing”. She loves listening to daddy sing too. She has some silly expressions.












This past weekend we went to church, some Christmas events, and drove around to see some Christmas lights. It’s been a fun adventure but now I feel like I need to get a little rest! eh I mean just kidding. I need to call the banks back, do some more packing, and feed the tiny minion!













































She LOVES all the bright lights!


































































































































Yay Christmas Fun! ;)

First Thanksgiving

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Sleeping Girl

I can’t Get enough Photos of My tiny one sleeping













Too Fast

She is growing too Fast













First Steps

She Took Her First Steps at 8 months. She still has a ways to go before she is full on walking













Baby cardinal

Her First Thanksgiving was a hit! Though her favorite team wasn’t playing. She rooted for them anyway














She Turned 9 months on Thanksgiving














She wasn’t a fan of the turkey. But loved the carrots and applesauce and cranberry sauce. I couldn’t blame her because those little jars of Turkey smelt like cat foot… we even ended up giving it to the cat. He thought it was delicious.













He even wanted more











We spent thanksgiving in LA











Baby Slept most of the way














We visited Naples (Mommy and Daddy love it there)














Cheesy Photo Stop











Take 2











She fell asleep on the way to the beach (Seal Beach) and totally missed out














The next day we went to Hollywood.














She had fun posing for photos. Everyone thought she was soo cute














Thanks to Small Business Saturday we went to Ripley’s Believe it Or Not














She met some weird looking people














She got to sit on the famous Monroe grate














Daddy let her play on a Piano











On our way home we stopped for a snack ;)













That’s all folks ;)

Our Little Updates

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I Know it’s been almost a month since my last update and massive photo share so here it goes…. (If photos Don’t appear click on the numbers)












Life has been busy. 











A few weeks ago I had an ultrasound on my neck and they found some bumps. Had to run a bunch of tests to make sure that they weren’t cancerous and to see if there was anything wrong with my thyroid. Tests all came back normal. The biggest inconvenience was  trying to give Arabella a bottle. The first day she only ate an ounce and a half. I couldn’t nurse her because of the radiation. I couldn’t touch her for 24 hours and I couldn’t nurse her for a week.It was a very long week to say the least.












We started our holiday stuff a little early. Headed up north to Flagstaff to see if we could catch any snow. We saw some flurries and patches.











We had a lot of fun on our little trip. On our way home we tried to see Santa but he was too busy so we visited the tallest Christmas Tree in the nation. We came home and enjoyed ourselves. Arabella is becoming a huge snuggle bug.












My birthday was this past weekend and we did a lot of traveling. Went up to flagstaff and then headed north to Las Vegas. We visted the Ethal M Chocolate factory and Cactus Botanical garden. Then we made our way to our hotel room and really enjoyed looking around vegas.












We even visited the Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars and got to meet a really cool magician from a few years ago on American’s Got Talent.