7 weeks

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I mostly just wanted to update you with some photos!20140417_215225000_iOS

Well it’s already been 7 weeks! Our girl is getting so big and is starting to really show some personality! She has so many different expressions!


She even smiles now if you act silly enough!


We may be going through a growth spurt… because it seems to be feeding time ALL of the time!!!!  And though she plays a little her favorite hobby is still eating and then sleeping.


Today I woke up to another knock on the door. I recieved the rest of the Huggies shipments… this time with more than just size 3!!! Just in time… as we were going to run out of diapers! The only downside… we have no where to put them. lol. So we have 30 boxes in front of our fire place! And just in time for the hospital bills to start rolling in!!! Serious blessings!


I only have one more follow up appointment from my surgery. Then… I’m home free to move like a normal human. 


This weekend is Easter! We’re already gearing up and trying on our Easter stuff! We have 2 services to make it through because we are volunteering during one. Can’t wait to share the photos of her first Easter!!!

20140416_065821000_iOS 20140412_213926049_iOdS

Love Letters Upcycled

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Well I forgot to add Arabella’s new gift to the last post. I love Kayla’s work and can’t rave about it enough. It’s so special!

Many of you who were at my wedding may remember the custom forks we ordered <3. We ordered them from Love Letters Upcycled! She does such amazing work and is so great to work with. Seriously awesome stuff. I can’t wait to give these to Arabella when she’s older. For now :) They will happily be displayed in the nursery!!!!! 



They looked something like this: 

I do Me too

We also have an ornament from Kayla for our first Christmas together:

Our First Christmas


Well now we add to our collection thanks to Kayla! :


 IMG_0966[1],m skysail photos

Getting Back to (Normal)

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Well I’ve been home for just about 4 days now. The first couple days were really hard. I couldn’t even bend down to pick up Arabella from her swing. I needed help with every little thing. I’m still not back to my normal range of motion… but I am getting better! I can feed Arabella again which is nice but now she likes to kick and punch at my stomach. Sometimes if she gets a hold of a bandage she likes to pull, especially if she’s having one of her fits. It’ been an adjustment being home and trying to juggle the normal life. I’m still on meds so that slows me down a little but overall I am happy to be out of the hospital and back with my family. A little soreness and tenderness isn’t too bad when I look at the whole picture. Though that first night was a doozy.


I’m so glad that Jason was around because I was just exhausted. Thank heavens it was a Monday when he didn’t have work. I honestly couldn’t have done it on my own! I’m a little frightened to see the hospital bills. Four nights and five days…two procedures and a bunch of tests…ouch. Honestly I know it’s going to be one crazy expense that we hadn’t saved for. I’m pretty sure this means that any travel we were expecting to do this summer or fall or winter is not going to happen. I’m pretty disappointed to say the least. Boo. Anyway lets talk about something happier. 


A few months ago I did a survey for Huggies. I was expecting to receive a box of diapers for taking the survey but some of the ladies saw a technicality and called Huggies. Huggies said that they would honor it so all 300 moms who took the survey would receive the allotted amount of diapers. THANK heavens!  This is going to save us some of the money that we are going to lose from the hospital costs. This is such an unexpected blessing. Yes they are all size 3 and she can’t wear them yet but in the long run it will save us a couple hundred dollars. You can’t complain about random blessings!


Other than that things are getting back to normal. Easter is sneaking up on us. I’m not sure what our plans are. :) Hope you all are doing well.  


Maryia Sky

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