Our First Pumpkin Patches…

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Just a couple quick shots of our two pumpkin patch experiences…

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Princess Cinderella and our little Tiger Cub


New Spoons

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New Spoons…








Well a friend of mine gave me these neat looking spoons. I had previously watched a YouTube video on them and the woman said she couldn’t get the food to come out. I don’t know if it’s how I puree our baby foods but I was expecting to have to squeeze really hard. I ended up with a mix of Banana, Cucumber, and green beans splatted all over my jeans. I tried again a little less vigorously and the same thing happened. After several tries I finally mastered the squeezy spoon. I may have been covered in green puree but  I am pleased to say that I actually like it… and Arabella prefers it.  












Just wanted to leave you with this little flashback… my tiny little princess 7 months ago! It’s crazy how quickly it goes. Kiss your babies mamas! They aren’t tiny for long!

7 month check up

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 7 Months…












 7 Months is officially here! For her 7 month birthday we were able to snag some free tickets for a Diamond Backs game. WE are NOT DB fans… just to clarify! 

















She enjoyed the game alright but was mostly entertained but the kid next to her and his spiderman doll.  For the most part it’s been a good week. We’ve mostly just stayed home and enjoyed the quiet. 

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Our weekends are the days we go out and run errands, church, and swap things with other parents. She enjoys the outings but doesn’t appreciate the car seat so much.













We have been trying to go for at least a 30 min walk every day. She loves being outside!
























And she insists on “helping” me with laundry.










She had her 7 month check up and flu shot… she’s over 2 feet tall now :)












And Daddy took her to the park for the first time this weekend. She had fun but wasn’t sure if she like the swings!
























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 Yesterday we spent some time outside just playing in the sunshine… er I mean shade. It’s still in the high 90’s here. 












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 Basically we live pretty simple lives. :)























Life is SILLY but GOOD! I can’t complain.